On my previous post, I presented my self-project OneWindows start menu design concept. Today I would like to share my OneWindows Cortana design concept. Cortana is one of the best features in Windows. It can perform an array of tasks to help the user get things done. However, Cortana on current Windows lack of personality, it’s the same black and white application you’ll find all over the Windows ecosystem. I believe Cortana need an interface with personality, a way that the user will determine her quickly and use her with ease.


Desktop Cortana

On OneWindows, Cortana has an updated interface, to give personality to the application and to give a seamless experience across OneWindows supported devices. Cortana on OneWindows is now fully integrated into the operating system.

Desktop Cortana Scrolled

Cortana on OneWindows shows information that user care about on a card base layout. The user can personalize this information cards through Cortana’s notebook. The Notebook is a central location where Cortana keeps things that it’s learned from you, such as interests and favorite places.

The user can also dismiss cards by swiping them from left or right.

Desktop Cortana Cards

Cortana shows the right information at the right time, whether it’s your day-to-day schedules, packages, hotel reservation, or even your flight schedule. Cortana requires an internet connection for most of her features, though she can even work offline, her functionality will be limited.


Desktop Cortana Expanded

Desktop Cortana Search Type

Desktop Cortana Search Voice

When the user search, instead of showing the user mixed results, results are now shown by categories like application, web, files, or folders. The user can narrow down their search by adding this query in the search box:

  • Applications = “app: Mail”
  • Files = “file: Presentation”
  • Folders = “folder: Creative”
  • Music = “music: Limp Bizkit”
  • Pictures = “picture: Camping”
  • Videos = “video: Euro Trip”
  • Settings = “setting: Update”
  • Web = “web: Facebook”

Desktop Cortana Application Settings

Personal digital assistant is not personal if everyone is calling the same name for their assistant. On OneWindows, the user can change Cortana’s name to their preferred name.

One of Cortana’s newest feature on OneWindows was the Avatar. The Avatar is a virtual 3D representation of the digital assistant. When the user enables this feature, it will replace the animating circles with the 3D model user selected. If the user has GateBox, OneWindows can also project the digital assistant Avatar on it.

Avatars can be download or purchase on Windows Store, through this, we’re also giving an opportunity to those talented 3D creators to benefits from Windows Store other than the developers.


Desktop Google

Since OneWindows is a fully customizable operating system as I mentioned in my previous post, the user can also change their virtual assistant to their likings through OneWindows settings. And for the user doesn’t want to have a personal digital assistant on their device, they can disable this feature on OneWindows settings too.

Next post, I will share my OneWindows application design concept. Please let me know in the comment section if you have some comment, question, or suggestion regarding this OneWindows Cortana design concept.

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