On my previous post, I shared my self-project OneWindows desktop or main screen design concept. Today I would like to share my OneWindows start menu design concept. The start menu is where every user starts making things. The new start menu design focused on interaction using traditional keyboard and mouse, touch devices, and for the new air gesture controls from HoloLens users.



The new start menu designs cautiously positioned every element for smooth and easy interaction from devices that support touch and air gestures like Microsoft HoloLens.

The simplified scrollbar now has the same look and feel across the supported devices. By default, arrows on scrollbars are disabled, but the user can enable them through OneWindows settings.

Start Context Menu

Context menus are consistent everywhere in the operating system.

The users can enable other shortcuts such as Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos through OneWindows settings. Unfortunately, the start menu full-screen option is now removed on OneWindows to give the user a consistent experience on all supported devices.

Start Expanded


One request from the Windows Feedback Hub was to remove the folders in the Application list. On OneWindows, there’s no more folder in the Application list. The reason is folders are unnecessary on the Application list.

Start Compact

If the users prefer OneWindows mobile start layout, compact design is available through OneWindows settings. The user can also see all installed application by swiping from left-to-right other than clicking or tapping on the Application list button.

Start Compact Selected

Right-click or long-press on live tiles now show new options. Instead of the context menu for individual tiles, OneWindows introduce a new way to organize your tiles. The options are: cancel selection, unpin tiles, resize tiles, and uninstall. The users can further customize the tiles through OneWindows settings.

Start Compact Expanded

Next post, I will share my OneWindows Cortana design concept. Please let me know in the comment section if you have some comment, question, or suggestion regarding this OneWindows start design concept.

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