With the pandemic happening and having to stay at home for a good 2 months, I was left with too much time in my hands. Now that WWDC 2020 is a few weeks away, I thought why not take a stab at the rumored new features included in the upcoming iOS 14.

Months before the event, I saw UI Designers like me create wonderful and interesting concepts on how they envision the new features will look like. Some went all the way and created interfaces that are so unrealistic and completely based on fantasy.

My take is conservative and tame: use existing UI components and introduce new features by modifying their interaction. What I ended up with is something that I think could be real, could be easily developed and might be a good balance of new features and familiarity.

iOS 14 Widget and List View concept that I made.

The widget design is exactly the same as their current iteration, although a little narrower to align itself neatly with the grid of icons. The same thing will happen if you long press an icon, with the only difference having a new “Show as Widget” button at the top-right.

If a user were to edit the home screen, a new tabbed view shows up where he can switch between grid or list view. The list view might be useful to some people, and I considered increasing the density of each row to show more above the fold. But I ended up matching the dock’s height to keep it clean and consistent. It was also a perfect layout to keep the widgets co-existing with the icons.

Overall, I think I’m happy with the result. I’ve always seen videos like this online and I never realized how much work those designers make to create a stunning presentation. Either they are too devoted to this little project, or they just have too much time in their hands. No matter what, it is commendable and truly inspiring.

I hope you like this concept. Hopefully, I can keep this up. And here’s the interactive version.