On my previous post, I shared my self-project OneWindows installation design concept. Today I would like to share my OneWindows startup, lock, and login screen design concept, but before that, I would like to share the idea behind this design concept. When a user bought a device, they should be able to customize everything the way they want it. My idea for OneWindows is it’s fully customizable operating system, means the users can customize maybe not all but most part of it. From wallpapers, icons, fonts, colors, themes, to startup, lock, and login screen.

Startup Screen

Bootscreen Sample 1

On OneWindows, the user can change the startup wallpaper the way they want it. The user can also set multiple wallpapers and adjust the interval on OneWindows settings. If the user sets a small image as wallpaper on startup, login, or even on the main screen, OneWindows will automatically stretch that image to fill the screen.

Bootscreen Sample 2

Bootscreen Sample 3

By having OneWindows operating system, the user will also get Bing Gallery application. This application can set today’s Bing featured image as their startup, lock, login, and default wallpaper. This application requires an internet connection to work.

Bootscreen Sample 4

When OneWindows needs to install updates or fix corrupted files, the user will see the progress on the lower right corner of their OneWindows device screen.


Bootscreen Sample 5

Lock and Login Screen


Login PIN

Login Password

Login Picture

Windows Hello doesn’t need options on the login screen, the reason is, Windows Hello already knows who the user are when user use it to sign-in on their OneWindows devices.

Login Cortana

Cortana is accessible on the lock and login screen, but asking for users details such as schedules, agenda, reminders, or files will show an error message regarding OneWindows privacy and security. If the user registered their voice on Cortana’s Notebook, Cortana will only listen or respond to those registered users.


Login Groove Music

Login screen can also show media controls when the user is playing music through Groove Music or other supported applications. The faded circle on the user’s avatar indicates who’s currently signed in on the device.

Lock Screen

The lock screen is only available when there is only one user on that device. The lock screen also shows notification and media controls for supported applications. The users can disable the lock screen or lock screen notification through OneWindows settings. By default, lock screen and lock screen notification are disabled due to OneWindows privacy and security.

If you notice the thumbs up and down icon on the login screen, it is the application I mention earlier called Bing Gallery. Thumbs up and down icon are for wallpaper rating and will be sent to Bing for analytics. The thumbs up icon will inform the application to show the similar wallpaper in the future. The thumbs down icon will inform the application to remove similar wallpaper in the future.

OneWindows startup, lock, login, and desktop wallpaper supports JPG, PNG, BMP, WebM and MP4 format with file size limit of 5mb.

Next post, I will share my OneWindows desktop or main screen design concept. Please let me know in the comment section if you have some comment, question, or suggestion regarding this OneWindows startup, lock, and login design concept.

Wallpapers on this design concept are copyright © by their respective owner.


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