The “Windows vs. Mac” topic has always been one of a popular debatable among the nerds, geeks, and techies. Comparing the two platform is not my focus rather discuss the five simple reasons why I switched from Windows notebook to a MacBook Pro.

For years, I’ve been using my Asus monstrous gaming laptop. The G751JT, weighing 5.4kg and additional 0.6kg for the charger. It’s too obvious what this device is mainly for, however, I also use it for picture and video editing, as well for the development.

I got a chance to switch and use Apple’s notebook in my previous company, and my first impression was that macOS didn’t seem as intuitive as I thought it might be. This could be due to the fact I’m so used to the way Windows does things. The following were the five main reasons, at least for me, that favored MacBook Pro as the better workstation.

Operating System

The Windows customizability and its performance is a hands-down for me. But it changes on the new Windows 10. Updates and UI is really a big mess. On the other hand, macOS is simple and easy to use. If you want to uninstall an application, all you need to do is drop it on the Trash. Yes, customizability on macOS is limited, but most of the users are just changing the lock screen and background.

Operating System

Out of the box, macOS offers a lot of high-quality applications than Windows. Mail, Safari, Apple Maps, Messages, FaceTime, iTunes, iMovie, GarageBand, and the rest. Admittedly Pages, Numbers, and Keynote can’t match Microsoft Office in terms of features and power, but they’re more than enough for most people and completely free.


Transferring file large files between devices in macOS are simple. No more cables and time-consuming Bluetooth pairing. The only downside for this one is that supports is only for Apple devices.


I really like the macOS gestures, it gives me additional ability to work faster than my previous notebook. Natural scrolling, swiping 3-fingers left or right switch desktops, and a lot more. As far as I know, Microsoft introduces a gesture for Windows 10, but not all notebook support this as of this post published.

Battery Life

My previous notebook only lasts for 4 hours max compare to MacBook Pro that lasted 9 hours and 55 minutes before it shut down. If I’m working on something more intensive, like video rendering, the MacBook Pro lasted 4 hours and 35 minutes, still better than my previous notebook.



This was the five reasons why I switch MacBook Pro. Do you agree on my list or do you think it’s a fair comparison? Share your opinion on the comment section below.