Ever wonder what does Windows application would look like on Material Design? On this article, I will showcase some application base on my self-project OneWindows, a Windows with Material Design language.

Command Prompt

OneWindows Command Prompt

As I mentioned on OneWindows Desktop, I’m also a developer, and I spent a lot of time using Command Prompt or Terminal on macOS. Developers on Windows Feedback Hub are requesting for a tab features on Command Prompt, Bash, and on PowerShell. On OneWindows, this feature is now added, to increase developers productivity.

Instagram and Twitter

OneWindows Instagram and Twitter

Both of this applications are good on mobile devices but doesn’t look good on a large screen such as Tablets or Desktops. On OneWindows, developers can prevent user to resize their application if they want to. By doing so, the user can have the same experience across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop, and augmented reality devices.


OneWindows Mail

The Mail application on OneWindows is design to make it clean and easy to use, can handle users multiple accounts, and a responsive interface to give the user consistent experience across devices. A new taskbar badges are available to show the user the numbers of notification on the application. When the user installed Outlook on the same device, Mail application will automatically disable or removed.


OneWindows People


This application is now fully connected to the user’s Microsoft account. If the user’s Microsoft account is connected or linked to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and to other networks, all their contacts will be available in this application. One feature of People application is it automatically linked contacts who use the same account across the connected networks.

Phone and Calculator

OneWindows Phone and Calculator

Voice Recorder and My Devices

OneWindows Voice Recorder and Devices

Sticky Notes

OneWindows Sticky Notes


OneWindows Photos

The Photos application is redesigned to give the application personality and a responsive interface to give the user consistent experience across devices. The application will combine both on-device photos as well as those located on a user’s OneDrive account. It also eliminates duplicate photos, auto-enhance the image, and create an album based on time, date, or location. This features can also be turned-off by the user through its settings.


OneWindows Settings

OneWindows Settings are now in column flow design to make it faster and easier to navigate. As you may know, the Title bar has been updated and added some new features to support touch devices. To get more details about this feature, check my previous post OneWindows Desktop.



OneWindows Skype

Have you seen or use the new Skype? If you don’t, you check it from [here] if you’re on Windows, here for iOS, and here for Android users. In my opinion, it lost its identity or personality. The fun, colorful, and easy to use interface on their 32-bit counterpart disappear. On OneWindows, Skype is redesign to keep its identity from the past but keeps the latest functionality for the user to enjoy.

Please let me know in the comment section if you have some comment, question, or suggestion regarding this OneWindows Cortana design concept.

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OneWindows Concept

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